Hi! Welcome!

This is my own corner on the net and I love it.

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So, Who Am I?

My name is Alexey Slaykovsky and I can make your life better

I'm The Programmer, and:

  • I have a nice cat.
  • I love to say "I".
  • So, I have good skills in programming Haskell, for example. Anyway, in production you'll never need its power.
  • I like to code some JS. Because it's so kind. I like ES6 and Node.js. You deal with it.
  • Well, another fact about me - I'm a gamer. I'm streaming some here. You can watch it's cool I tell you.
  • I use GTD. Well, not pure GTD in fact but it's working well. And my things are done.
  • I know SQL. I don't need it but I know some. However, it can be useful one day I'd start to write some clone of ActiveRecord.
  • I love listen to Electro-Indie music. Really.
  • I like Coursera but never ended any course. I get only useful info from courses and don't want any certs.
  • I have no photos in social media. I have no Instagram. Information about me in social media is outdated. Fuck social media.

So, if you want to talk about smth you can write me some email or skype me.

* You can ask my email or skype at Facebook or Twitter. Anyway, you can easily find me in Google Plus

Some of my skills you'll like